Wheel Loader ZOT



Works Condition

agriculture, construction, landscaping, industrial,mining and waste applications.



This road roller is to compact non-cohesive materials such as sandy soil, gravel, macadam, rock filler and semi clay, etc., mainly applied in highway, mining, dam, airport, railway, industrial sites and other large infrastructure projects etc.

Main Features
-Mechanical drive, three-speed gear shift. Hydraulic vibration, start-vibration by electric control, hydraulic steering with light operation.
-The JM series pneumatic articulated vibratory roller can be equipped with diesel engine of CUMMINS, SHANGCHAI, and YUCHAI with low fuel consumption, large power which is clean and environmental-friendly.
-This roller has strong centrifugal force and static linear pressure. Double amplitude applies for different stage compaction works. This system also has the function of delayed transition and stable transition of amplitude.
-Adopt the special gear-box with synchronizer, easy to operate and comfortable.
-Streamlined shape design with the whole removable cover, easy to maintenance.
-An air-conditioner is optional for customers.

Operating weight 16,000 kg
Diameter of vibrating drum φ1550 mm
Rolling width 2130mm
Activating Force 306/165 KN
Vibration frequency 30 hz
Theoretical amplitude of vibration 1.8/ 0.9 mm
Moving Speed Range I II III 2.9/5.7/12 km/hr
Backward I II 2.9/5.7 km/hr
Gradeability 30%
Engine model Cummins 6BTA-C150
Rated Rotation Speed Rated Rotation Speed
Engine power 112 KW
Overall dimensions L W H 6170x2320x3050 mm