Mini Skid Loader HYSOON



Works Condition

Power construction, Substation construction & maintenance, Emergency rescue, Petroleum construction, Railway construction, Warehousing goods transportation, Lifting for indoor narrow space and Lifting on high altitude platform


The compact structure design, mini skid steer loader can enter into small spaces for working, even your indoor room.The open-style design, upper cover and back guard plate can be easily opened and dismounted, you also can easily discharge the wasted engine oil outside the body; all of these can make you replace the spare parts easily, like air filter, engine oil, oil filter, spark plug and so on.Only two control handles control running , lifting and dumping.Piston hydraulic motors provide rnini skid steers with a larger torque and make smooth running . Four-wheel drive enables mini skid steers to walk in a variety of terrain.

Rated capacity 200KG
Operating Weight 890KG
Over Dimension 1752x 1233x 1160 mm
Bucket capacity 0.15 m3
Drive 4 WD